Over The Counter Phentermine Safe and Effective Alternatives

What is Phentermine?

Over the Counter Phentermine

Looking for a Prescription drugs for effective weight loss? Phentermine is a great product to help you achieve this. Phentermine is a weight loss prescription drug that suppresses user’s appetite, offering obese people remarkable results.

This product is highly recommended for weight-related disorders and diseases which could pose serious health concerns. Phentermine is illegal in some parts of the world, while in some other parts, it could only be sold on prescription to obese victims who have used every other option but with little or no success. This appetite-suppressing drug reduces food cravings and increases energy levels. Sadly, phentermine comes with some adverse side effects which includes reduced heart beat rate, nasty headaches, high blood pressure and high temperature. It can also cause severe lung condition.

Where Can I Buy Phentermine Over The Counter?

As a prescribed drug, phentermine is not easily sold over the counter. You must tender a prescription from a certified doctor before OTC phentermine is sold. Also, you will only use this drug within the period prescribed by your doctor. So, besides the fact that you can’t buy this drug over the counter, buying online or from any other unrecognized source is highly prohibited and may attract legal actions. All other weight loss pills that contain Phentermine are also prohibited.

Are There Any Over the Counter Alternatives to Phentermine?

Over the Counter
Of course, there are several over-the-counter weight loss pills that produce the same effect as the Phentermine. Several manufacturers of weight loss supplements have produced alternatives that help to suppress appetite just like phentermine. Also, most of these supplements offer safe, all-natural herbal ingredients that produce similar level of weight loss.

Among the several over-the-counter all-natural weight loss pills, here are three most effective:

Top 3 Alternatives to OTC Phentermine

The top 3 OTC phentermine alternatives are Phen375, PhenQ, and Adiphene. These weight loss supplements also referred to as nutraceuticals are 100% safe. These drugs are effective fat burners and appetite-suppressants similar to Phentermine. They are great options for dieters who seek to burn off fat and reduce weight. They have impressive track records among obese users.



This drug came into existence in 2009 as a reliable alternative to Phentermine. Over the years, it has gained untold popularity and wide spread usage. The outstanding reviews from customers speaks volume of its effectiveness.

The primary goal for creating this supplement is to produce similar effect as Phentermine. It functions simultaneously as a fat burner and an appetite suppressant. It reduces food cravings and increases metabolism, burning off fat and facilitating weight loss. Interestingly, unlike with Phentermine, purchasing Phen375 does not require a prescription. Some of its active ingredients include Cayenne Pepper and L-Carnitine.

Phen375 has several benefits which include:

  • Boosts metabolism for fast burning of calories
  • Reduces food cravings and surpresses appetite
  • Increases energy levels
  • You can get it over the counter- no prescription required.
  • Worldwide shipping


Buy PhenQ

This is another highly effective alternative to phentermnie. PhenQ brings together the effects of multiple supplements into a pack. It’s a great formula for weight loss and offers you several benefits that come with weight loss, keeping you fit and healthy.

This supplement is manufactured and marketed by BAUER group DMCC, a renowned name among supplement producers with over 10 years in the industry. PhenQ is produced under FDA regulations and with 100% pharmaceutical standard ingredients. This gives an additional assurance to the effectiveness and safety of the drug.

PhenQ comes with a lot of benefits; among which are:

  • Gets rid of excess body fat for a trimmed look
  • Curbs unnecessary cravings, leading to less calorie consumption
  • Hinders fat storage; preventing unwanted weight gain
  • Increases energy levels and boosts metabolism to facilitate weight loss process

This weight loss therapy is manufactured in the UK and US in FDA and GMP certified facilities.


Buy Adiphene

This is a relatively newer product designed to bring solution to dieters who are faced with some dieting issues. The 5-in- formula is made of 5 natural herbs, 3 metabolizers to burn fat, 2 thermogenic boosters, an appetite suppressant, and a fat binder. These 12 effects are achieved through the combination of high-quality all-natural ingredients which includes Glucomannan, Chitosan extract and uarana extract.

Adiphene is an efficient replacement for Phentermine, as it helps to burn fat and reduces the rate of carbs absorption in the body -this means less calorie absorption rate. It also helps to reduce cravings and increase metabolism to ensure that dieters get rid of fat and calories faster and for greater energy. Amazingly, you’ve got all you need in a small pill.
Adiphene has several benefits which includes;

  • Rapid fat expeller
  • Binds fat and passes it from the body as waste.
  • Increases metabolism to facilitate burning of calories
  • Reduces food cravings
  • 100% money back guarantee

What are the Advantages of these OTC Phentermine Alternatives?

A lot of people think that these OTC pills are merely clones and may not be as resultful as the original Phentermine. This is indeed a false perception. Honestly, phentermine alternatives may not produce similar result as Phentermine; it’s a good thing in disguise, because while Phentermine causes stress, the alternatives rarely do.
Diet Pills Over the Counter
These alternatives have relatively less side effect than Phentermine. Since they have less effect, they can be used over an extended period compared to the regular phentermine. Because of the powerful nature of phentermine, its dosage usually spans through 3 to 6 weeks. However, the alternatives can be taken for extensive periods.

Where Can I Purchase These OTC Phentermine Alternatives?

It is noteworthy that these drugs are not weight loss drugs that contain Phentermine, they are natural alternatives. Hence, they are easily bought online or over the counter; depending on your convenience. Most of these alternatives are approved by FDA, making them 100% legal. You do not need any prescription from a health specialist before you can order for the drug. If it’s not convenient visiting a drug shop, you can easily place your order online. Several websites offer herbal weight loss pills with similar function as Phentermine. Besides these raving OTC supplements, dozens of similar products are available.

Have you tried any natural remedy for weight loss? Kindly share your experience.

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3 kg less after 2 weeks. So far I’m happy! 🙂

It is working for me awesome!

I started using this supplement few months ago. It is working for me awesome. I have lost around 23 pounds! I get a lot of energy. Before I was very lazy, now I’m up and full of life in the mornings. I am happy, my wife also, if you know what I mean 😉

I have lost 6 lbs after using this!

Hello everyone, I have lost 6 lbs after I started using this! I’m very motivated to keep going. What I do is taking these pills, eating healthy and do 30 minutes on the threadmill per day. Thanks!